I'm Natalie from Hong Kong
I shoot both film and digital
All photos shown are my work
Please give credit if you share

.... "Don't just look - be ready;
observe and engage with
everyone and everything."

danbo and his new hobby. on Flickr.

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March 23 2014

standing up high. on Flickr.

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March 17 2014

pretty girls on st paddy’s day. on Flickr.

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March 17 2014

nice behinds. on Flickr.

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March 17 2014


quick waters. on Flickr.
Wrote a short poem to accompany this… :)
A Quick Life Rushing and dashing to and fro, Living in oblivion on the go - Neglecting to slow. Life set on tracks, No time to relax. Can we not just forget the facts? Time is bound to run out fast, It is our task to not run past, The little things before one asks; If only I could live again, Take risks, have fun and not complain.
 Stop and look, and love and give, Promise me you will forgive. - Nov 9 2012

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February 20 2014

autumn scheme. on Flickr.

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January 7 2014

fan girls. on Flickr.

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January 6 2014

blue smoker. on Flickr.

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January 5 2014

the world backwards. on Flickr.

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January 5 2014

light spilled at starbucks. on Flickr.

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October 17 2013

redscale kiss. on Flickr.

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October 7 2013

what is happiness? on Flickr.

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September 28 2013

ducky with danbo. on Flickr.

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August 12 2013

It’s been a long time since I’ve fondled my cameras. I’ve sprained my ankle since June and it’s still only getting slightly better. I will be back with some new stuff soon. Also want to thank my new followers! I’ll be back soon! :)

8:48 pm
August 7 2013

ducky set free. on Flickr.

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June 12 2013